Getting back in the saddle


It's taken me a long time to get my lovely push bike (Marjorie) out and about. The day Andy surprised me with her was one of the happiest days of my life, to know that he loved me so much - as I loved him.

Since he died, even though she is my only form of transport  - and the nearest shop being two miles away - I haven't been able to face riding her, a unbearable reminder of what precious thing I have lost.


But this spring I felt able to get her out of the shed and dust her off. Brian-next-door pumped her tyres up for me and we have been having little adventures, finally exploring the gorgeous landscape around us.

We're never far from a view of the Shropshire Hills.

We even found an egg honesty box a few miles away. 

It's hard sometimes, to allow myself to enjoy all of this, knowing that Andy never got the chance to see that we made the right choice after all. How he would have loved it.


Shropshire is proving to be more uppy and downy than the Cotswolds, but Marjorie and I are learning to tackle the hills.


 It's nice to see my little cottage with its cream chimney stack, nestling in the landscape as we return home.


Jane Westwell said...

Lovely to see your beautiful landscape photos again, Gretel. I always enjoyed your Cotswold walks in the old blog and Shrophire has much beauty to capture, as I'm discovering since we left the Yorkshire Dales. Now you've got Marjorie out again she'll help you get fit on those blue remembered hills too :o)

rossichka said...

What a magnificent view to your cottage, Gretel! Beautiful nature, lovely colours, pure sky. It's nice to have such a companion as Marjorie - to explore the surroundings together, to share present moments and dear memories of love and happy times... There's nothing wrong to feel some joy - Spring simply makes us love her!:)
Big hugs from all my heart! xx

Frances said...

Gretel, great to know that you got the trusty Marjorie dusted and pumped up for some adventuring! It's clear from your photographs that the Shropshire landscape has great beauty.

Finding that source of fresh eggs, along with the honesty box, is a delight. I'm remembering a certain marmalade source we saw.

I can imagine that pedaling up those hills might have provided some amazing exercise potential, too. How lovely to have that glimpse of your cottage welcoming you home for a nice cuppa.


Twiglet said...

Well done you on mastering Marjorie again! (My mum was called Marjorie so I had a little chuckle)Enjoy that fab landscape and when you get really good you can nip over here - it's only about 30 miles from you!!)x Jo

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Smashing. So nice to hear you've been out and about with the sun on your back and the wind in your hair.
Perfect excuse for some cake and a big pot of tea on your return.

Jean x

Unknown said...


What GLORIOUS spring greens and yellows you captured. I love that you've named your bike; mine's called Silver. I'm so pleased to see you're out and about on Marjorie, perhaps even flying... as I like to imagine on my bike. ;)

Your gifts make the world a better, kinder, more beautiful place. Thank you.


Gill Edwards said...

you do live in a smashing part of the UK. Im so glad you felt able to get out and explore it more.
Gill x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Having never seen your part of the country its a real treat to see these lovely photos. Your place looks very right and as if grew there, like a mushroom with its white chimney. Here comes the better weather for riding too; wonder how far afield Marjorie will take you?

Lin said...

I know he's with you there...and along for the ride with Marjorie. And I'm figuring he's smiling to see you and Marjorie having some fun again.

Celia Hart said...

I can feel how hard that was to get back on your lovely bike, but as Lin just commented - he knew it would give you so much pleasure and would be so happy that you are enjoying peddling along the lanes. A free range egg stall is the perfect destination and exercise in the open air is so good for the soul xx

Claire said...

Oh Gretel, all that beautiful countryside to explore with Marjorie....I am feeling rather envious. Your photos make me want to pack a bag and run away. Please keep pedalling and sharing your wonderful photos....

Claire Xx

Vintage Jane said...

So glad you are 'back in the saddle' ... enjoy! M x

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Julia Kelly said...

Great way to explore the new Spring countryside, things are blooming here in the Rocky Mountains(USA) and it certainly helps lift the soul!

Nancy said...


I'm so happy you are getting out in nature and experiencing being outside on Marjorie. You are doing great. And I think Andy is with you in spirit being happy you have continued doing the joys you did earlier. I learned through my illness that it's so important to appreciate each day and give thanks for the joy you can find. You are a strong woman who loves nature and I applaud you! Please continue sharing those photos because I love the English countryside and want to come back and see it again! Nancy

tana50 said...

Love to see you getting out and about and enjoying such a beautiful part of the world. Feeling better doesn't mean forgetting. Enjoy your life.

the woolly dog said...

What a beautiful part of the country you live in. You know that anyone who loved you as much as Andy would be happy that you are venturing out and making it your own. xxx

jerilanders said...

I think the first time I visited your old blog, Cotswalds Peeps, you were riding Marjorie out and about to visit an olde church and then on to a picnic. I am so glad you've put her back on the road.