That's been a rather busy November - four workshops, two patterns and lots of work related stuff in-between. Back to dear Oxford again, where I attended a concert at the beautiful Victorian church of St John the Evangelist on the Iffley Road. I once had a student bedsit up there, when I was a hungry art student.  Odd to go back again, but the concert was very enjoyable, performed by the talented and energetic members of the Magdalen College School orchestras.

The church was packed with proud parents snapping away, so I wasn't able to get many photos myself, but I did love the painted ceiling.

The next day there was another workshop at the lovely Fibreworks Oxford.

So pleased that someone returned for more and brought some 'homework' she had done since the last session.

 It was a Christmas theme and everyone made trees.

Well, nearly everyone - there was a robin, a Christmas cottage and a sweet toadstool house as well.

My final workshop of the year was my first Shropshire one. Held in such a nice venue, at Rustic and White in Wyle Cop, filled with vintage treasures and with parts of the shop dating back to Tudor times.

Pleasantly surprised to find that we'd filled all twelve spots and were actually oversubscribed. 

This was an all day session and also Christmas themed. There were one or two people there who read this blog, so if they are reading this, it was great to meet you. 

As well as bringing two suitcases of wools, as usual I did my best to supply as many beads, findings and decorative bits as possible, which does result in a  bit of a crafty mess at the end of the day!


After several hours of industry, fuelled by hot drinks and cake, there was a simply gorgeous batch of trees. I started everyone off with the same measurement guidelines, showed them the basic method and let them loose. Despite starting with more or less the same amount of wool, a wide variety of trees appeared, each bearing the maker's personality.


So that's it for the year and I am already booked to do more next year. I'll be posting some dates soon.


Celia Hart said...

Oh! A beautiful Christmas tree forest!

You must be shattered in a satisfied sort of way. Hope you get a chance to put up your feet and have a little rest xx

Jackie said...

The trees are gorgeous all together like that. Its nice you could enjoy Oxfordshire again but also good that you found a good crafty gang in Shropshire. Here's to a restful Christmas and a hopeful new year. Many positive thoughts and prayers are going your way.

The fabric of my life said...

How wonderful Gretel. You must be so proud of your 'students'. They have done very well under your tutelage x

Frances said...

Gretel, the church ceiling is a beauty, and must have been enhanced by the fine music filling the open space.

Now...that forest of felted trees definitely shows how your way of introducing needle felting to novices takes root very quickly. (Was that awfully cliche'd? Sometimes words just seem to flow off the keyboard without my control.)

Truly, the gathering of little trees in the confines of that wooden crate look really lovely! When I find the whereabouts of the eighth day of the week that the Beattles sang about, I want to learn needle felting and explore my interest in the third dimension.

Hoping this is making you laugh...my silliness.


Lin said...

I love how individual each of the trees are!

Unknown said...

I really ♥ Christmas that's why I like the pictures you posts..

Charlotte said...

Fabulous,I love the forest you all put together.

Do let us know if you are in Nottingham again next year. This time I will make every effort to get there.

Love that you are so busy, hope all keeps going in this positive direction.
Charlotte xxx

Anonymous said...

The trees are lovely. Hoping to be in touch in the new year to arrange a workshop with you. I've been practising my needle felting too! Tonia

Twiglet said...

And a lovely day was had by all!! Thanks again Gretel. I have blogged about it and even finished my little tree with a glass bead too. x Jo

BumbleVee said...

It would have been overfilled by about 50 more if we all lived closer Gretel!!

DArn it anyway...distance .... arrghhhh...!!!!

Jess said...

I agree with BumbleVee! Every time I see felting I feel the pull of that needle towards trying it myself. One day. :)
Love to you Gretel.
Jess xx

rachel said...

What a nice way to spend a day, passing on your skills to others. And such great results - you must be a wonderful teacher!

genie said...

These trees are precious. I just love your blog and all of the felted goodies. They all bring out the inner child in me. Merry Christmas to you and your family. genie