Rainy evening in Shropshire


My dear little bedroom, where I spend so much time working and resting, has been Spring cleaned and tidied. This is my sanctuary, my safe place, where I am surrounded by everything I love and everything that interests me. 

At the bottom of the bed, I have added an old tool box, placed on its side, so that I can have a changing display of flowers or dried cuttings, to enjoy and study for future painting.

This evening the rain has been steadily moving across from Wales. The field was cut for silage two days ago and birds of all kinds have been gleaning titbits from it, including a skein of swallows, swooping low to collect flies and other delicious treats.

Today has been divided between painting for two of my Patrons and working on a needlefelt commission; it’s time to rest, so I am indulging in some light reading on one of my favourite historical subjects.


Granny Sue said...

I love those walls in your bedroom. Talk about photogenic. And how nice to have a vase of flowers to see first thing every morning.

elizabeth said...

Hello, stumbled across your handsome blog and am fascinated at the colors on your bedroom wall. How please did you get this poetic effect? thank you

Gretel said...

Hi Elizabeth, I removed all the wallpaper and when it was all stripped off, it uncovered the remains of previous paint and plaster layers, which is what you can see. The all white area is where I began re-plastering myself, but left it as I like it as it is.