It’s been nine years since Andy died and while I try to avoid public wallowing, this year it has been particularly difficult. I’ve made my latest Patreon post public for anyone who is interested. Otherwise, I’ll see you next month for a hopefully more cheerful post. Link below. 



Granny Sue said...

A long nine years. Sending love and hoping that you get through this hard patch and come out into the sun again.

floraHerbarius said...

Dear Gretel, it's a morning of great grief for you today and there are many of us who wish we could be closer in order to help you in some way with this sorrow. Your writing goes straight to my heart, as you are as always a great writer, and it strikes me that I could also have been in the same situation - as my partner wanted to commit suicide some years ago. Perhaps it could be possible for you to leave your home for a few days in January in the future, so that you could get some physical distance to this terrible happening. A sorrow is something natural we need to go through, but everything seems much harder now when it's winter time and you are all alone. I am glad to read that you find life so precious and long for the spring to come. Even though we lose our loved ones, we must not lose our great joy of life. As we are getting older, it seems like that the time remaining for each of us is getting scarce for all the things we want to do and create, so every day available is highly appreciated. Love and hugs from Hildegunn :-)

Madness and mayhem said...

Gosh 9 years
I remember reading you post and sobbing for the pain you were going through
Spring and brighter days are just around the corner and i know the pain doesn't go away completely seeing the sun through the window and a little bit of warmth seems to help
sending love