Sounds all around

It has been too bitterly cold to venture out for some time, but there comes a point when you really have to remind yourself of what legs are for. I have been feeling a bit creaky and my dodgy ankle was aching, but today I was in much need of some fresh air. There is a brisk East wind sweeping the country, which cuts right through you - a ‘lazy wind’ as I believe it is called in the North. So it was a bleak morning and to make my exercise a little more exciting, I challenged myself to find three bits of bright colour or beauty while I was out. Which was quite hard as everywhere seemed drab and chilled. 

Then I heard a quiet swishing and glanced sideways just in time to see an Ash key whirl to the ground. Looking down, I saw how it resembled a tawny owl in full flight. Had I not caught the fragile sound of it’s falling, I may have passed on without noticing.

As I continued my small ramble, I heard the fragile tinkling of running water. No magic spring, but an ordinary drain creating its own music as the icy field water trickled through the muddy echo chamber

Returning homewards, I found myself listening intently for my third ‘moment’. I was no longer on a quest for visual colour, but for the sounds of the winter landscape. And there it was, above my head; the dessicated whispering of long dead leaves, punctuated by the call of a crow. 

My cheeks scoured by the East wind, I reached home and a welcome hot lunch. I did not find the bright colours I had been seeking, but I have found a new interest in the sounds around me, which paint their own aural picture. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post here, but by way of apology, I have  made my latest post on my Patreon page public, with updates on my recent bedroom makeover - if you follow my Instagram account or are a Patreon, you will know that I’m spending a lot of time working in bed, where I can keep warm. There’s teddy bears and little needle felted geese and everything. 


Lilbitbrit said...

Thank you for sharing your moments out that was most enjoyable. I understand the warmth and bed. Take care.

Betty said...

I hadnt heard of Patreon uk. Your snow geese are pretty and your room looks cosy and full of creativity.

Karen said...

Thank you for the reminder to pay attention and look for the little things in winter. As someone who really struggles with the dark, cold months, I need to remember that there are still treasures, still signs of life. I just need to stop distracting myself by whining so loudly.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Keep well and warm Gretel.

Loved your teddy pic.


June said...

Thanks for the reminder to look for joy in the world. On these especially grey days, it is easy to hide and forget that nature keeps moving forwards, and is there to cheer us along.
Your lunch made me feel hungry for soup!

Gerry Snape said...

It's so great to see you living and enjoying life again Gretel...beautiful cottage home...

Granny Sue said...

That drain--what a beautiful sound. The crows too. Thank you for those beautiful moments. I'm trying to figure out how to add my hubby to your Patreon page. I don't think I'm contributing enough, but the page has limits. I'll keep working on that.