The last drops of summer

Summer is quietly slipping into autumn and there is a hint of exquisite melancholy to these last golden days.  We remember things; things that we said we would do in the early, hopeful days of Spring. Things we still might do, if we are allowed a few more precious days of benevolent weather. And underlying it all, a lurking fear of winters approaching with cold, dark creeping fingers.

And while the gold and the green will all too soon be replaced with turgid grey skies and bleak, bare naked earth, we will embrace this final little ‘inbetween’ season and tell ourselves, like children repeating a protective rhyme, that it is not too late. 

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Lilbitbrit said...

Yes that is the feeling, you've caught it well.

Granny Sue said...

here too, we are seeing signs of summer's passing. Leaves are changing from deep green to a yellowish green, and some trees are actually dropping their leaves already. All the fall flowers seem to be in bloom, and the summer tanager has left us. I will be glad for the heat to be over.