On-line needle felt workshop launch

I have finally finished my first online needle felt project and what a 'journey' that has been! It's in my nature to take a long time to do things and this time it seemed to take forever as I agonised over whether to do a 'talking head' video to help pitch it. Breaking news - I became so stressed over it, that in the end I decided not to. Until I'm a little more confident. However, I did get Joe to take an up-to-date profile picture, since my last publicity photo was taken ten years ago.

My first project is a sleepy squirrel brooch, designed for simplicity and ease of making. It contains fifty (yes, fifty) step photos, written instructions and four mini supplementary demo videos.

The normal price will be £15 (roughly $19.60 US at the time of writing) but as an introductory offer it is £10 (roughly $14 US) until Friday 26th November 2018. 

To take advantage of this, or just to have a peek, please click on the link below for the course site.This will take you to the landing page which has a full description, materials list and option to sign up.



Lyn said...

Lovely sleepy squirrel! Xx

BumbleVee said...

I'm getting signed up soon as I can.... got some things to do first thing , but I'm gonna be on it later..

Good for you getting it up and going .. woohooo ...

BumbleVee said...

I'm signed up and listening to your lovely voice.... how on earth did you think it sounded terrible? You could read to me anytime... and I don't say that about many.

Learned some helpful things right off the bat even if I have done some felting in the past... thanks for a fun lesson.
My little guy will be not a brooch, but a buddy for some of the bears in my curio cabinet... and, he will likely be brown.... cuz orange is not my fav colour.... but, he'll be a cutie....

Judyluk said...

Hi Gretel,
I'm trying to sort out the amount of wool needed. The instructions provide a length but when I look at packets of felting wool for sale, they're sold by weight. Is there a 'so many inches to the ounce' sort of conversion?

Deb said...

I'm so glad I stopped by after too long away! I signed up before I'd even finished reading the whole post and am so so SO pleased to see this course. I wish you all good luck with it and I shall enjoy making this beautiful squirrel :) x