Little wheely animals and things

I've been very remiss in posting any needle felt work here, which is strange, as I certainly haven't stopped working. While we've had a stressful few months, needle felting has been one thing that has calmed my anxiety down. Perhaps it is because I use my Instagram account to post  work in progress and pieces for sale, and once that's done I forget about showing it on my blog. Anyhow, my latest 'thing' has been making miniature vintage style toys on wheels. Obviously not toy toys, but models of toys, such as these little rabbits - 

As you can see from the photo with my fingers showing, they really are very small (which strangely does not make them any quicker to make). I've used antique sewing machine bobbins to represent the wheels and added some parts of an old silver and moonstone necklace to make the pull chains with. It's always lovely when work sells immediately and these two have long been sent to their new homes. 

Then there is Bertie, again on bobbin spools and with a vintage other of pearl button to finish his pull chain with.

And Walter, who is larger and with vintage buttons to represent wheels. The frame is my own hand twisted affair and the old brass button at the end of the gilt chain is one I've had since I was a teenager and used to adorn a nice felt burgundy waistcoat (until the moths got it).

Earlier this year I made my first foray into adding 'things' to my work with this button moon fox - it took some time to get it all to balance and so that the fox appeared to be gazing into a full moon without toppling over.

And finally, in 'other news', I have only held one workshop this year, in nearby Ludlow at the Loudwater Studio. With three people attending, it's possibly the smallest class I've ever had, but very enjoyable nonetheless. 

I have made the decision this year to cut back on workshops, as I find the worry of whether they will happen or not and the travelling,  a bit much to cope with nowadays. While I really enjoy the actual events, I find they wipe me out mentally and physically. So I'm really quite excited to be entering the world of internet craft courses and later this year hope to be able to offer my first online workshop - maybe with videos!


Di said...

Oh Gretel, these are adorable! You're so very imaginative and super-talented. Will perhaps try your on line workshop - I'm also a bit like cobwebs these days and deffo don't travel at all well :)


Di x

Country Rabbit said...

ive always found your posts inspiring! you have an amazing talent, i love the new needle felt creations too...i do follow you on i.g as 'kazzyloves' ...i love needle felting...ive done brooches of rabbits and fox's and even a badger...but not quite to your standard...but i keep going and experimenting ~ i like the idea of your online workshop x

Lin said...

Good idea with the online workshops! That way people can participate without worry as to weather or travel conditions.

Barbara Prime said...

I'm so glad you're still enjoying making things, and trying out new styles. When things are a bit rough, I also find it's good to focus on what can bring a sense of accomplishment, while other things take a back seat for a while (or permanently).
Your toys on wheels remind me of a camel on wheels I inherited from my grandfather. I don't think it's vintage, and I have no idea why he had it, but I found it charming enough to keep.

BumbleVee said...

Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing how the online workshop will work and possibly giving some more needle felting a go. My elbow is killing me at the moment...but by the time you are up and running...I should be much better. I hope.

Bertie just fits in his little house...

Gretel, I may have some vintage bits and bobs that you could use...I must look for them and photo them and send you a pic.... I'll send to you if you want them. I doubt I will use any of them.

Vicki said...

I love all these new items on wheels and Fox and Moon! Stunning work! Best thoughts for less rough spots and more smooth sailing and happiness in your life.

Granny Sue said...

Amazing work. That fox! And online workshops sound like a workable solution for you--less stress, less travel, happier Gretel!