Hedge trimming

Two days after Christmas, we heard a commotion coming down the lane and were delighted to see that the farmer next door had come out on this cold, bleak and dark day, to trim our very over grown hedge (and our neighbours too)


He'd offered to do it back in the summer as we chatted over the fence. It hasn't been done for five years - it wasn't something I felt able to cope with in the first couple of years of trying to survive Andy. So it got more and more out of control; way beyond a manual job with hand clippers, and hiring a contractor would have been beyond my means.


So hooray for the kind farmer, who took it all right down and removed any lethal branches sticking out into the lane. I was rather overcome and gave him two hugs and a kiss on the cheek, which I don't think he was expecting, but Joe said seemed to please him in a rather taken aback way.  I swept the road clear of all the trimmings, and I'm sure the local cyclists are happier with it.

The birds are a bit upset at having their cover reduced, but it will soon grow back again. And this photo has reminded me that this year I have to get rid of the nasty big plastic pot on the wall which I have hated since day one and is another thing I haven't dealt with yet.


Lin said...

Hooray! How nice of him to do that! And sometimes, a hug is better than offering to pay for a kindness. I guess he knew how appreciated he was!

That sure will look nice in the Spring!

frayed at the edge said...

It's good to know that there are still good, kind thoughtful people - the news these days seems to be full of awful, selfish people!

Soozcat said...

Yay for thoughtful neighbors!