Little Arcadias

I have a new shop section for the miniature landscapes I have been making recently. I've really enjoyed making these - even if they are a bit fiddly at times. 

In the piece below, I've tried a new-to-me technique of blending in different wools to suggest falling light. It is even more accentuated when it actually does get caught in the light, and shadows fall.

They are designed so that they can be displayed from any angle. Which sometimes changes the mood of the piece.

This one is my favourite. 

I think of them as tiny escape hatches or contemplation pieces for when things get a bit much and the place you'd really like to be is on a quiet, faraway hill, with a tree or two and maybe a little house to seek refuge in.


Lin said...

LOVE these!

Karren said...

So neat. They would be great to dream on when you need a getaway. Maybe sit on a corner of your desk for a short dreamy walkabout? Very nice.

frayed at the edge said...

These are gorgeous! When my Dad was dying, one of my friends made me a little landscape which she called a Glen of Tranquillity, which I could look at and escape from my worries about my Dad,