The forgotten book

Many years ago, I think it was in 1995, I bought a pile of antique accounts books, for no other reason than that they were beautiful and going for a silly price. They were all unused and in tip top condition, except for this one, which is an old photo album. As it was in a pretty battered state, I decided to save it for sketching.  

It's remained blank for twenty two years and been carted about with the rest of my 'stuff' through five households. However, I'm trying to put aside a bit of time for sketching, so last weekend I hauled it out of the attic and rummaged in my reference library. Sometimes books are better than endlessly trawling through Pinterest. i don't know why this is so - maybe the limitations concentrate the mind. 

I'm a bit rusty so it took me about three hours to get a page of warm ups and then ideas. One day, when I can afford to spend more time on things like this, I might turn a few into paintings. at the moment it remains a bit of a hobby.


Frances said...

Dear Gretel, sorry that I somehow missed your prior post about the evolution of your unique needle felting. What you do is so very different from that of others who use this technique. I certainly think of your creations as art and on a completely different planet from the cutesy feltings.

Moving on. I think it is lovely for you to be using this old album as a new sketchbook. You are able to actually touch the paper from another time, as your pencil draws something completely new. It just seems a very good environment.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the page with your drawings.

(I am still awaiting a sighting of the Mollie Makes issue with your cover cats. Could be that it will show up on the B&N magazine shelves this week. I promise to drag myself away from my monitoring of current news developments. As I was typing this comment, a very loud jet flew overhead and for a moment I wondered if.... Well, you get the picture,

xo to you and yours.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Well your efforts are so much better than anything I could do :)