Auction snaps

Out of necessity, rather than choice, we live very quiet and secluded lives at the moment. I don't think we've had a day out since Joe's graduation last July. So it was good to get out with Brian-next-door and view a couple of local auctions. This one was selling the contents of two estates. There was the usual hotch potch of mixed lots and items of interest. 


 The ubiquitous, slightly unnerving antique dolls were there, of course.


It was a very good selection of lots, but I instinctively knew that it would all be beyond my very small £10-£20 budget and there were some serious looking dealers poking about.

Brian enjoys having a good look too, but he is not allowed to buy anything. I told him that Jean won't let him come out to play if he starts bringing stuff home.

So on we went to another small town, driving over towards the Welsh border in the evening rain.

This auction house was rammed. With people and over a thousand lots being sold over two days.

Brian went off to visit some nearby friends whilst Joe and I ventured in. There was a lot of squidging past people and 'excuse me's'. There was also more taxidermy, including a huge and magnificent boar's head and, unusually, an otter, which must have had some age as they have been protected here in the UK for years, I believe. Probably to save them from being stuffed.

Again, I was a bit out of my league here, and there was far too much going on. We headed back home, through the long winding lanes. I've lived in Shropshire for nearly five years now, and have barely seen any of it, what with not driving and having no money. So just to get out of the cottage, love it though I do, was an uplifting experience and I felt my spirits rise for the first time in ages. It's great to get out, even if it is raining. 



Frances said...

Your wonderful neighbor Brian is such a gem! Having that auction house ramble does sound like fun...just for being able to the the landscape along the way. I admit that all that taxidermy in the auction houses would have freaked me out a bit! Much better to see tht well-loved teddy.

Wishing you and Joe lots of good fortune as Spring continues to spread is beauty. xo

Granny Sue said...

I'd have been in trouble in the first auction house! The second, like you, I would find overwhelming. Shropshire is a beautiful place so I am glad you were out to see more of it. I wish we'd have more time to ramble there. Had no idea how many beautiful places I wanted to stop and just stay for long, long visits when we were there. I want to see more of England and Wales, and at the same time to go back to the places we saw a little bit of--so much we missed. We need a year!

Lin said...

OMG...the SQUIRREL! Did you buy the squirrel??! Or the otter??

I am not sure what one does with a stuffed squirrel...or otter...but I guess these are treasures???

It looks like fun to me. I always love to see what you and Brian find on your adventures.