A bready miracle

Well, here's a first! I've made bread on and off (more off than on) for most of my adult life. I do make acceptable small rolls, but free form loaves, the kind I've yearned to master, have been a little flat. No matter how much I tucked them in, they always spread and while they were nice enough (if a little dense) I have never achieved that fluffy inner one desires. So last night I had another attempt. This time I kneaded the dough for nearly half an hour. After two rises, and with a slight sigh, I made a traditional cob loaf. Imagine my surprise when it stayed in one shape, apart from rising beautifully. With trepidation I gently put it in the oven. Even then it didn't flop. Instead I got a lovely, bosomy, thin crusted loaf with a soft and holey interior. It actually felt and tasted like real bread. It may never happen again, but it did happen once.


BumbleVee said...

Oh, yeh....... bread. My favourite thing to make and eat...

You should try this recipe Gretel... great bread in only 2 hours..no kneading.

It is from a site called Alexandra's Kitchen...she calls it her Mother's Simple No Knead Peasant Bread and she has a couple little videos to show you how she does it.

I've only done it once, but it worked perfectly... lovely crust and nice hole-y airy inside... we loved it.. so did the neighbours as I had to give some away... don't dare let myself eat all of it!!

Next time I want to make it in a loaf pan to see if it works as well as her bowl idea. Maybe I'll do it this afternoon... plenty of time... it only takes a mere two hours.

I don't know how to make it so that you can click on and go to the page..but, here is the address



Soozcat said...

Well done you! Baking is notoriously difficult work -- more alchemy than science, if you ask me. But your loaf looks delicious. (Sounds like it tasted that way too.)

Caroline B said...

Well done! Looks delicious. My bread always turns out like house bricks, so I don't bother any more!

rossichka said...

How nice! It must be a special feeling to make a bread! Hope the next attempt will be successful again!