A load of old clocks

At the local auction a couple of weeks ago I took a chance on a box of old clocks. I managed to get them for not very much at all and although there are a couple that I cannot do anything with, this nice mid-century Equity clock just needed a little encouragement to get it ticking nicely. It has been cleaned up for sale and I'm hoping somebody will fall in love with it - after all, the pink disc in the middle spins round and creates a bit of a psychedelic pattern. What more could you want from a clock?

The other surprising treasure was this poor thing. With a cracked face and tarnished case, it is a bit of a wreck. But some research (and taking the back off to see the workings) proved it to be a 1930s ladies 'Bijou' carriage clock made by a very good French company, Bayard. It's of no use to me, as I haven't the skills to fix it. But quality always tells and it's already sold, for spares or repair. I hope the purchaser repairs it, if they can. Had it been in good working condition, its value would have been in three figures. But I'm happy to get what I can for it.

So selling the sad little carriage clock has almost paid for what I actually really wanted in the box of old clocks - this pretty mantle clock, which was still ticking when I had a sneaky listen in the viewing.

It too has seen better days, however unlike the Bayard clock, it has no great pedigree. Rather annoyingly, it has since stopped working, so I am going to have to get my tiny screw driver and clock oil, to see if I can work some DIY magic. But for now it looks quite nice with the other treasures on top of the piano that nobody plays. Near another old clock that doesn't work.


rossichka said...

Everything in this world needs a second chance, doesn't it?😃 I love the mantle clock! As if it has always been there-on the piano!Warm hugs for you from my cold winter city!x

Karren said...

Beautiful mantle clock! I hope you can get it working. If not, it's gorgeous just sitting there. Good find.

Granny Sue said...

Love all your clocks, working or not. The one with the pink face is a real beauty!

Frances Tyrrell said...

I would have wanted them too, what a nice find. Your post and the mantel clock remind me of The Dean's Watch (I think you have some Elizabeth Goudge titles there?), the clock maker and his shop.