Morning sticks

I finally managed to scrape the money together to get the winter logs in. The log man only lives half a mile down the road and delivers by tractor. 


Although it's a tight and tricky reverse into the drive, he has done it many times before and manages to get everything in with expert ease.

This year I ordered a full load of wood - it's not cheap, but it is our main source of heating so plenty are needed.

Brian-next-door heard the noise and came by to help - even climbing into the trailer to pull the last logs down. I did gently mention something about health and safety, but he said he'd done it many times before. So there he was, perched like a pixie on top of the wood pile.

I think he wanted to help us stack them, but we insisted on being self sufficient and sent him home with thanks and a bag of pears from the garden. As they are his favourite.

So Joe had a crash course in stacking |(from me) and we began to store our log horde.In the 'new' log shed. I took it upon myself to chop my first batch of kindling, having done some research and found it remarkably easy, so long as I used the right kind of log. Then, just like a man, Joe got axe envy and took over. I was relegated to stacking logs.

However I did eventually get another go and made my own batch. For the last three years, while I've been here on my own, Brian has supplied me with a big bag of 'morning sticks' (as they are known here in Shropshire) but I feel much better having taken the plunge and learned to do it myself.

Hopefully this lot will last until late spring.


Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like you're going to be warm this winter. I don't think my husband would trust me with an axe, not worried I'd hit him, but rather that I would whack myself.

Lin said...

Have you seen those photos online of folks who form pictures with the wood as they are stacking it?

Love Brian. Everyone needs a good neighbor and friend like him.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You'll be toasty warm this winter! My dad used to get 'cabbage crates' off our greengrocer, they made good kindling and were free.

5 Ladybird Lane said...

Lovely stack of wood, very neat. I remember chopping wood as a child, I'm not sure how old but probably single figures!!!! (And still have all my digits) Sarah.

Frances said...

Great to see that newly restored shelter full of logs. Bring on the chilly days and nights...you all even have the kindling ready. Bravo to all, with particular kudos to Brian for being such a grand neighbor.


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frayed at the edge said...

You will be pleased to know that Malcolm, the King of Logs, has given the seal of approval to your kindling splitting and log pile stacking!!

Granny Sue said...

Catching up with you, Gretel! I love this post about wood-we heated with wood for years, and still have the fireplace which we burn every evening because we just like it. There's nothing like having a nice pile of kindling ready (I like morning sticks--very descriptive).