From dog Kennel to log shed

This is one of the old dog kennels and runs, left behind by the previous cottage owners. It has been a dilapidated eyesore and even if we had a dog, I certainly wouldn't house it here. However, we did want a log shed. 

So Joe and Brian-next-door began dismantling the innards, including lots of rancid paste boarding inside, rags and dirty wadding and finding, along the way, an old rat skeleton underneath the flooring. 

 It didn't take long to dismantle the unwanted bits.


 Which were too far gone for re-using, so later on, Brian had a large bonfire.

And we had a basic log shed.

The hole at the side was patched up neatly.

And the gap at the front was closed, to prevent easy access for rats. Though there is a small hole at the back for the toads, should they need winter shelter. Now all it needs is logs.


Lilbitbrit said...

That's great, good use of an old structure. Our logs always sit out in the open, so we stage them from there to the basement and then to the fire, gives them a bit of drying time although they are all well and truly seasoned.

Frances said...

Gretel, it's grand how you all are steadily making these improvements to the property. Is it possible to have logs delivered all through the cold weather season?


Charlotte said...

I'll lend you and Joe my other half, he chopped so much wood this year we needed 5 wood stores. OUR back garden is pallet town now. He comes with chainsaw and axe and is easily refuelled with Earl Grey tea.

Gretel said...

France's, there are always logs for sale - I just need to scrape enough cash together to get our winter load! X