Big workshop, little workshop

Somehow I inadvertently managed to book myself for two workshops in the space of a week, which has been a bit of a whirlwind. My first port of call was to Stourbridge, where I had a lovely large crafting group working in a converted canal-side warehouse. As usual there was a lot of wool...

...and plenty of homemade cake. 


It was a really lovely day, very chatty and very friendly. Nearly everyone was new to needle felting, but being a talented bunch of crafters, they soon got the hang of things and were busy creating their own delightful creatures.

Including a thread jointed teddy bear, not a mean feat in one afternoon.

What I liked best was how people quickly found their own style - I don't lay down ground rules in my workshops (apart from trying not to stab yourself with the needle) and the variety of styles was fabulous.

Then just six days later I was up at 5am, to catch an early train down to London, to visit the Village Haberdashery. 

 I rather enjoy the London Underground and snapped a few arty shots. 

There were only three people for the workshop, but it made for a nice, intimate day and so nice to meet people who already 'knew' me, one way or another.  Foxes were made. And I finally got home at 9.30pm, a long old day.

I have also made my first sale from my own new website, Lost Arcadia, and sent this little rabbit to her new home. It's starting to feel like a proper website at last.

Finally, we were so happy to be visited by 'Granny Sue' and her lovely husband Larry, all the way from America. They popped in for lunch and we had such a fabulous time that three hours zipped by without us noticing. Brian-next-door lent us their drive for parking as ours is a bit steep. Susannah has written lovely accounts of their trip to England and Wales, and a sweet account of their visit to us, on her blog here.

Such an occasion demanded a photographic souvenir, so here is a snap of Susannah and myself...I am thinking i need to start doing some sit-ups! Or suck my tummy in. Or eat less cake.


Mac n' Janet said...

I wish I lived close enough to attend one of your workshops, I've tried needle felting, but got discouraged on my own.

Frances said...

Gretel, I can imagine that the traveling to and fro, tutoring, and hostessing of guests would fill a week easily. That you carried it all off with aplomb does not surprise me!

I also like the visual design of the Tube and all those inter-connecting elevators with the framed posters up the sides. You've probably been to the Transit Museum over in Covent Garden? Lots of books and cards showing all sorts of Transport-inspired artwork over the decades can be found there. Your photos would be right at home. xo

Linda said...

It looks like a great time! Everything looks lovely! You are very talented.

sara said...

We had a great time in Stourbridge.
Excellent class and so much fun.