Spring snippets

I do love  good municipal park, especially on a warm spring day.

Wide open spaces and well planted trees.

 With areas of interest and intriguing paths to explore.

And picturesque steps.

Which seem to go on for a very long time.

It's lovely to reach the top and find a flat, wide promenade. The Victorians really knew how to design public places. 

And if you look closely, you may find an iron dog or two, accentuating a bench handle, where you have gratefully plonked yourself after your step-climbing exertions.

There are grand old houses that look like wedding cakes.

And fierce, exotic creatures.

Sadly, the sweet shop was closed. 

And I could have scoffed a whole bag of lemon bonbons. 

But there was the treat of afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie, as a reward for all those steps. 


rossichka said...
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rossichka said...

Oh, this is truly a spring walk! I'm always excited to follow steps, having no idea where they are leading to...
The jars filled with bonbons reminded me of the original illustration by Ingrid Vang Nyman for "Pippi Longstocking".:D
I like the finish of your lovely day - the reward seems very delicious!
Happy Spring, Gretel!xx
P.S. I rewrote the message, because I had to correct Nyman's name...

Frances said...

Gretel, I'm playing catch up with your posts, and first of all want to wish Joe a belated Happy Birthday!

I smiled at your tale of the birthday cake, and nodded in recognition of how such lofty pursuits can run into difficulty. I bet that even some back stage baking at Patisserie Valerie might have such moments. However, I must say that tabletop looks very tempting!

The park walk also looks grand. The green dog decorating the bench is marvelous.

And, your bunny watercolor clearly deserved the circle of admiration from those pastel felted bunnies. I've also got one of those stacked watercolor disks having first seen them in the V&A gift shop after visiting the Constable show a couple of years ago with some friends. One friend bought a stack right then, but I waited until I was back in NYC to find one at a Blick shop. I know what you mean about the chalkiness, but I still enjoy using these paints, but don't mix them with my "tubed" watercolors.


Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like you've found a beautiful place to walk, haven't seen an old-fashioned sweet shop like that in forever.

Anonymous said...

You definitely deserved your afternoon tea!! A wonderful walk, thank you for sharing.

Lin said...

I think you were lucky to have the candy shop closed when the Patisserie was just there....waiting for you. :)

Hey--I didn't make the lamb cake--I just stole the photo because nobody ever knows what I am talking about when I say "lamb cake". I'm not a great baker...but I am a great eater-of-baked-goods.