Little Houses workshop

Oh where did February go? It ended with my first workshop of the year, a return to Folly Fabrics in Bampton, to hold a 'Little Houses' workshop. I was lodged for the night with the lovely shop owners and I took a jar of Joe's delicious blackcurrant jam as a little thank-you gift. So breakfast on the day was homemade bread and jam. And enough coffee to shake the cobwebs from my brain.

Then off to the shop, to set up. This is the calm before the storm.

It's always a full house at Folly Fabrics and I had a lovely mix of returners, some ladies who had seen my latest 'Mollie Makes' cover last year (and traveled a long way from 'down south' to attend)  and a blog friend, from 'Tales from the Weekday Home' - it was really fabulous to meet her in person at last.

While I was staying with Joe, I knocked up this little prototype, so that people had the option of making that or creating their own. Everyone got to work.

And that was it for four hours. Towards the end, the customary cake came out. Don't be deceived by it's innocent simplicity; this view hides the one inch thick filling of chocolate buttercream.


I can't remember a workshop where there wasn't a cosy mix of wool, cake and mugs of hot drinks.

Meanwhile, my friend the shop owner, had been quietly making her own delightful  little Scottish croft in the background. It's finished off beautifully. I have bit of a 'proud teacher' feeling about this, but it's mostly down to her own patience and persistence.

So, that was it for February. My next workshop is in Manchester, on the 30th April, with limited spaces, which are filling up; we have just four places left and bunnies to make. If you'd like to come, the booking form is here on the 'Make It  website.


nini said...

Awww, what a wonderful workshop you had in such a warm and cosy setting! I love the cake in the end <3

The houses are adorable too, great idea really.

Mac n' Janet said...

Is that the Bampton where they filmed part of Downton Abbey? We stayed near there last year when we were in England. Looks like you're a very good teacher! Love the bunnies.

Frances said...

Gretel, I recognized that jam straightaway! Your workshop day got off to a brilliant start.

I do envy the folks who attend these sessions, and can imagine their delight in actually seeing their creations take shape. It's grand that each of the tiny buildings have their own landscape setting.

The croft house is marvelous. The cake is also marvelous.

Your bunnies make me smile. xo

Lin said...

These sessions just always seem so cozy and fun and full of yummy things. *sigh* one day.....

Soozcat said...

Oh, beautiful! Your students are so lucky.

(And I very much envy your blackcurrant jam. We don't get much by way of blackcurrant in the US.)

rossichka said...

Wonderful as ever! The place, the atmosphere, the result of your work... How I wish I was there - it must be a fantastic experience to learn from you, Gretel!
Good luck in Manchester and say "hi!" to Sue, if you both meet!:)xx

the woolly dog said...

They managed to get on really well considering how long it takes to needle felt and the croft house is lovely, I'm sure you must be a patient and fantastic teacher. x

AnneCorr said...

You are very brave to do workshops! Looks very inviting though. I shall be wandering around your blog for a little while!!