Unusually in Blackpool

I say unusually, as I have to admit, it hasn't been a main feature on my non-existent bucket list. But when someone special whisks you off for a weekend away, it doesn't really matter where it is. And this country mouse was rather surprised at what a fabulous time she had. 

Perhaps it's my Brighton roots, maybe it's having lived on the Devon coast in my childhood, but I have a soft spot for the seaside and all the paraphernalia which goes with it. And what's not to like about Blackpool Tower?

We took a wander down the small but famous pier. 

And went along the the sea front. Another secret pleasure of mine - the glitz and tack which goes with the British pleasure beach. 


We hunted for a place to gorge on ice cream - and they had to be proper old-school Sundaes (or in my case, a Knickerbocker Glory). We found them at Cafe Palma, just off the sea front. And returned the next day for more.

Later, we returned to the sea front to watch the first round of the International fireworks competition - this night it was China putting on a fabulous display. 

However, we weren't just here for the ice cream and sea views, we were here for the first Blackpool Comic Convention. Another thing I never envisaged myself writing about on this blog, but then, there have been a few of those. 

Queuing for two hours round various blocks to get in was mitigated by some fabulous costumes on display and the genial atmosphere of the crowd. We were lucky to get in at all, as we found later, many people queued for longer and were turned away, even with pre-booked tickets. 

The Winter Gardens is a spectacular pile, in typical grandiose Victorian style. Today it was rammed with comic fans.

Joe's the geek and comic hero fan, but I was happy just to enjoy a new experience and take numerous photos of Joe with his heroes and heroines.

I think he was particularly pleased with this one, alongside well known cos-play actress Kristen  Hughey.

What you need after a day traipsing around a super hero event is a super hero meal. So we returned to Cafe Palma for tea. Fish and chips for me, second time in two days. And meat pie for Joe. And more ice cream. 

It's been a long time - too long - since I had such simple, unalloyed fun - and I'm looking forward to a promised return trip. Because I haven't quite ploughed my way through the entire ice cream menu at Cafe Palma. 


Charlotte said...

Oh I love it. Comic cons are such huge fun. I spent much of my misspent youth hanging around the comic shops in Leicester, upstairs at the Silver Arcade with the goths and sci-fi crew. Your post made me all nostalgic. It is so lovely to hear you in joyful mode and you just can't beat seaside tack for sheer fun. Now you just need to get Joe to whisk you off to the Mumbles and to Eastbourne as I happen to know there are two of the most amazing ice cream parlours in both.

Acornmoon said...

Good for you Gretel! It looks like you had a fun filled weekend. Jo looks like he was in his element too. You can't beat a bit of blue sky and a see breeze to blow away the cobwebs. xxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip. I never fancied going to Blackpool - but I do now, if only for the ice cream!!

Gerry Snape said...

fabulous!! there's nothing like a Northern Seaside town...Love it!

5 Ladybird Lane said...

I've lived inland near Blackpool all my life and haven't always seen it as a 'great' attraction. Over the summer I took my first tram ride along the sea front with the children and we all loved it. The promenade has seen massive investment over the last few years and is definately worth a afternoon stroll ! So glad you had a lovely weekend. Sarah

Caroline B said...

So glad you had such a fun weekend, nothing beats the British seaside! I used to love the amusement arcades when I was a kid growing up on the Isle of Wight, many happy hours with a bag of pennies!

Vintage Jane said...

So glad you had a proper fun weekend. I secretly love the amusement arcade slot machines (my husband hates them) and have very fond memories of my Geordie grandmother playing the one arm bandits at Weymouth - my parents used to despair of her!
My son Loves all the Marvel characters and has just started reading the 'One Piece' Manga comics - he is totally hooked.
I've never been to Blackpool, but am sure that I too would be in ice-cream heaven!
M x

Mac n' Janet said...

What a fun thing to do. My daughter made it to the San Diego Comic Con and said it was overwhelming.

sara said...

My granddad used to save all his 2 and 1 pence coins all year.
Then we used to go to Blackpool on the shove machines.
Salmon sandwhiches on the coach and fish & chips and ice cream.
What memories.
Looks like you had a great weekend!

Soozcat said...

Loved this! (BTW, a postcard will be on its way to you as soon as I'm well enough to wobble to a mailbox.)

Jess said...

I visited Blackpool once. At the time the tower was wrapped up and inaccessible and the famous illuminations weren't there as it was April but the highlight of my stay was seeing a flea dressed as Father Christmas complete with beard. If you go there again you have to visit Ripley's! I've never been the same since. ;) xx

Mum said...

Hi, I've just blog hopped over here from visiting Mac and Janet's blog and what do I see but pictures from my home town. I've just been dancing in the Tower Ballroom today. I'm so glad you had a good time. Blackpool isn't everybody's cup of tea but there are some fun places to visit.

Granny Sue said...

Mercy, that looks like fun! Now I have to add Blackpool to my list--love that tower.