Viking Hoard and a spectacular dress

A visit to the Museum of Lancashire, principally to see the Silverdale Viking hoard while it is still on display. Buried for more than a thousand years, it's an amazing find - and the painstaking conservation work done is incredible.

Yes, I do seem to have taken mostly photos of jewellery! Well, an ingot is just an ingot, isn't it?

The museum is dedicated to local history, in all aspects. Joe was particularly interested in the First World War memorabilia. 

I always find the little personal details almost unbearably poignant and wonder how many of the card senders made it home.

Even I was taken with the Hussars jackets, delightfully glamorous - how hearts must have fluttered upon seeing an officer in one of these uniforms!

My favourite bits? Well, the entertainment section and the vintage Punch and Judy set - 

My lovely neighbour Jean, confessed recently that she used to find Punch and Judy terrifying when she was a little girl. Brought up a sheltered country child, and in the days before mass entertainment, she found the whole thing a bit too much on the occasional visit to the seaside.

And my other top pick, this spectacular 'roller skating costume' dating from 1910, entirely made from sewn together cigar bands, cigar box labels and stamps. 

It was designed by a cleaner, Charles Hamer, for his wife Anne; he saved the bits and bobs he found at work - both Charles and Anne took part in skating contest in the Burnley (Lancashire) area. 

How wonderful that other people's rubbish was turned into such an object of beauty - and undoubtedly worn with great pride. 

Kings and Queens will always have their place at the top of the history hall of fame, but I find the history of the humble 'common' people just as much - if not more - fascinating.


Frances said...

Wow Gretel, that dress really does steal the show! Isn't it grand that it's still around to amaze us?

Thank you for these photographs that really do give us an idea of a very interesting museum.


Jackie said...

I'm ashamed to say I've never been in that museum. I must go and see the Silverdale Hoard though. thank you for sharing and showing.

Katharine A said...

Love your take on the Museum of Lancashire, the 'humble common man'. That dress is amazing. I think of all the things we make & do not keep. Birthday cards, costumes for the kids etc. Thank goodness that dress was kept, and in such good condition. Just had a clear out & thrown away old sketchbooks. Will I ever regret it?

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely day out for you and I am so glad that you have Joe to share your days with.
The dress is amazing! M x

Darla said...

Amazing ! What a privilege to see and that Hammer piece,,,,W0W !

BumbleVee said...

Wow .... quite the risqué costume for the day wasn't it? ....

oh, yeh... Vikings..... love anything to do with them... must be my heritage..apparently there is Viking blood in our veins.... and, sadly it also shows up in some certain eye problems... they say if you have Drusen ...you have Viking DNA in your family tree...........

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing, Gretel. What a wonderful museum. And I agree, the life of common folk has more character and generally reveals the period more so than that of royalty.

You would love the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC. They are busy, but wow... so many stories.

Best to you. :)


Soozcat said...

Ah, paper ephemera. So beautiful. And I agree, the Hussar uniforms are, um, stirring! :)