New Kit Old Order

So this month I have managed to bring out my third needle felt kit - my yellow dog Custard, who so many people love. Designing a kit takes a while, but is so worth it once it's all finished. And now available with my other kits in my Etsy shop.

And finally finished a long languishing order, for a copy of 'Kitty Blue' from my book 'Mrs Mouses' Cupcakes'. This is the newer version -

The first Kitty who appears in the book, was made five years ago, so there are a few minor differences. Such as the flower buttons, as I couldn't source the same ones.


 But they are not a million miles apart.


Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Beautiful kit. i hope they are selling well for you as your work is so unique and well executed.

Jean x

Frances said...

Oh Gretel, little yellow Custard dog is a wonderful character. I love his little ears! It's swell to imagine lots of yellow dogs emerging all over the world via your excellent kits.

And...Kitty Blue II looks fantastic in the shadow of her namesake. What wonderful colors you've used for these well-dressed ladies.