Candy Buns and giveaway results

Back at the Fibreworks Oxford, trying my Candy Buns pattern on a group of never-before needle felters.

I was really pleased when a few people asked if it was ok to tweak the design - going off piste is great!

They were a great group, so much so that they were my first workshop to finish early.

And now my kits (also available in my Etsy shop)  are on sale there, along with my packaged needles. So if you're in Oxford, hop like a Candy Bun over to the Cowley Road if you want one and say hello to lovely Tasha and Lotty. 

Five days is a long time to be away from home. Someone was glad to see me.

 And now the bit you're probably been waiting for if you entered the giveaway. Using a random number generator thingy, the winners are - 

Louise Peers

Dara Carey


I will do your best to contact you directly, but if I haven't, please email me via my blog profile.

Thank you so very much to everyone who took time to comment and those who bought the book anyway. It briefly went to number two in the Amazon.com craft list. Sales are good, but your kindness is wonderful. 


Jane Westwell said...

Just a quick note to say well done for your Amazon listing and good sales... and I see we like the same coffee :o)

Charlotte said...

How I miss Cowley Road sometimes. I am so pleased the sales are good as the book is well worth it. I am stealing hints and tips each time I read a new bit.

Gill Edwards said...

well done on the Number two slot, number one next week eh
Gill xx

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I am all thumbs so God knows what I would turn out should I attempt to felt something. An Alien perhaps .... well done on the book, and what a lovely ginger cat you have.

Frances Tyrrell said...

It looks like a wonderful class with an excellent instructor. Lovely work with individual touches, particularly about the ears!

Frances said...

Gretel, again I think to myself how much fun those folks must have had in your class. I love the line up of their completed buns!

I am also delighted to report that my copy of your book has arrived...and I assure you it is fabulous. I am so intrigued by the entire notion of needle felting...the pictures and your tutoring instructions do plant the notion that I might just be able to do it.

Also good is that I have gotten my copy of the Mollie Makes magazine with your kitties on the cover...and some sweet polar bears inside, too.

Bravo dear Gretel! xo

Nancy said...

I got my book I ordered from Amazon and it's so wonderful! I rushed right over (as you know) and got some eyes from your shop and as soon as they come in will experiment. Gretel I think you are going to be a small brown mouse because I love the mice so much and it's a great first project. And then it's maybe on to wrens. I have a possible upcoming surgery that will confine my activities but needle felting is the best new project for that! Thanks and hugs!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Love your felted bunnies and your kitty!

Michelle Palmer said...

I was able to purchase your new book last week! It is wonderful~ thank you for sharing such adorable felted projects with us!
Wishing you GREAT success with your book and kits. Have been very happy with the spiral felting needles we purchased from you :)
All the best to you~

Anonymous said...

I have just published a blog note on that lovely workshop http://woolenrepublic.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/sweet-easter-bunny-and-needle-felting/ Thanks again it was a great session!

(I'm making a needle-felted polar bear right now :P)

the woolly dog said...

Congratulations on your book Gretel it looks beautiful and deserves to be a winner, you couldn't have made a more heartfelt tribute to his memory. I'm thinking the fish would be the easiest for me to begin. xx