Hares and more

Back from Cinderhill Farm, having slept lots and had a really satisfying workshop. 

The lambs are popping out now, triplets and twins born last week. They've been in the warmth of the barn since birth, but were being put out to grass.

Quite wonderful to see the lambs nibbling at grass instinctively, although only a week old - and the 'mums' tucked in with relish.

The new farm shop 'The Pie House' is now open for business and extra help bought in. it is light, clean and lovely, selling local produce and the farm's own meat.

 A nice selection of cheeses too. I do like a good cheese photo.

A few hundred pasties were being made, all by hand, for weekend orders.

Two geese came to live at the farm (genders as yet unknown), which pleased me greatly as they are a favourite of mine. Once out of their crate, they waddled off up the hill and settled in at once. Such beauties.

I did some solitary communing with the pigs in the first real sunshine of the year. All of us grunting happily for the sheer pleasure of the warmth.

 And finally, the workshop - a small one, to open the year. Two returning people from last year, which was so nice.

I'd set a pretty demanding challenge; to make a hare - my simple moon gazing design -  within the day. 

As usual, the farm laid on three square meals. two of which consisted of home made cakes.


 At the end of the six hours, with lots of hard work, they had made all a gorgeous hare, each with it's own personality. So rewarding and to hear how everyone had enjoyed themselves.  And great to meet a fellow blogger, 'Compost Woman', who has done a more in-depth blog post about her day, here with lots of photos.


Jane Westwell said...
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Jane Westwell said...

What a diverse and fascinating clutch of photos, and a handsome drove of hares! Do I spy date slices there? They used to be my favourites, and then I became severely gluten intolerant :-(

Compostwoman said...

It was a wonderful day Gretel and thank you so much for the link to my post :)

I have made a guineapig for Compostgirl and a flower broach since last weekend :)

Frances said...

Gretel, thank you for this grand report of your farm stay and the needle felting workshop. I loved the pictures of the chickens, geese, lamb and ewes and ...the pigs, of course!

It looks as if the farm's shop is going to be very, very successful. I would love to sample every single thing on offer. (Maybe on my next visit over your way.)

The line up of little hares is testimony to your fine teaching and the emerging skill of your students. Bravo to all. I did have a pop over to Compostwoman's site and very much enjoyed my visit there.

I checked at B&N yesterday..."your" Mollie Makes might shop up next week. I remain patient. Also expect to receive delivery of your new book before the end of this month.

More snow due for St Patrick's Day.


Caroline B said...

I love the startled hare on the left!
Weren't you tempted to pop one of those lambs in your bag when you went home...

Josie said...

Such gorgeous pictures of a beautiful farm and then the cutest little hares to look at - Thanks for a wonderful post!

petal said...

The hares look lovely, I wish I lived close enough to come to one of your workshops.

Celia Hart said...

What a lovely post Gretel, I should think being around all the animals was a real tonic for you xx

btw there are hares on my blog too.

Soozcat said...

Oh, all of it looks divine!

Yes, a good cheese photo is lovely, but even better is a good cheese sample, don't you think? :)

Su said...

It looks a lovely place. What more could you want, animals, cakes and felting? Sounds prefect to me :-)