Mollie Makes - chicken brooch

It has been one heck of a month. I think we've been walloped with so many life events this year - some good, others dreadful -  that we are just reeling from it. However, there is always needle felting and I am so pleased that 'Mollie Makes' have used another of my patterns for their latest issue - a chicken brooch, easy and quick to make, with written and photographic instructions. It's in issue 21  which is in shops now,  available to buy online here or as a digital download  here.

It was also lovely to be in the same section as my online friend, Debs - 'Imagination of a Ladysnail' who has her sweet character brooches featured. We've followed each other's progress for years, and it's so nice to be celebrating a bit of success together. Deb's blog is here.

Latest order to be finished; eight Christmas Cottages for one lucky  person's tree. I'm all cottage'd out for the moment, but you can find the pattern in 'Mollie Makes Christmas' and make your own - I'd love to see pictures of the results.


Charlotte said...

I know someone who would adore the chicken brooch. Uh oh, fingers are itching and the needles are pricking.

Hope you have had more good than bad life wallops. Here is to a more calm and peaceful New Year.

Nancy said...

I just love my print so thank you very much! I'm wishing you a lovely holiday and a very Happy and productive New Year! I know as you fix up Bodge Cottage you will grow to love it very much.
A very Merry Christmas from your friend in Austin, Texas :)

Acornmoon said...

You have excelled yourself with those little houses, they are so very des res.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

So good to get your work in such a
wonderful magazine, I hope all is going well at Bodge Cottage, we have had the same sort of year at
Gull Cottage. And doing some nasty remodeling too. Looking forward to the smell of a bowl of fresh lavender and shining floors once again.
Hope its a happy Christmas in your new home

ted and bunny said...

I think I'd really like to have a go at this chicken, so will get the magazine.
Do you think you'll be able to keep some real hens in your garden?

Unknown said...

What a small world it really is ... I met Debs a few years ago ... she came to my house with a mutual friend. Its nice to see she is doing well in her chosen career.
Hope you are settling in your new home.

Vicky x

PussDaddy said...



Claire said...

Hey Gretel, how fab to be featured again along with Deb.......your chicken brooches are too cute. You know how much I like a chook.......I'll have to be patient as issue 19 has only just arrived here and I like a hard copy rather than a digital one.
Sorry to hear things have been tough recently, you've certainly had a busy year with all your moving. I hope 2013 is alot calmer and you can really settle in to your new home.
Righto off to visit Deb's blog, her Robin brooch is gooooorgeous.......

Claire x

Little Dotty Bird said...

hi, congratulations on being featured in Mollie Makes! Ive just checked out your friends blog and her work is fabulous! Thanks for your tip on where to buy felting needles, Ive been pretty busy making my little nests, amongst all the other fairly random things I make, and other folk seem to like them too...which is a bonus!! The cottages are lovely...what a lucky Christmas tree! xx

Lin said...

Thank goodness for cotton and wool and yarn and fabric--all things to help us work out the worries of the day in a creative way. I'm sorry that you have been having a rough go of things lately--I hope that has run its course and you are on the track of more positive happenings.

As always, I adore what you make. :)

Frances said...

Gretel, on my walk round my neighborhood yesterday, I saw the new MM for sale, and bought it without even first glancing through the pages to see what treasures might be there.

So...what a grand surprise to see you absolutely charming hen! Wow! I think that you'll inspire lots of folks to try their hands at the art of needle felting. (Perhaps in the New Year, I might even find time for an attempt of my own.)

Your cottage ornaments are terrific, too. I could see folks starting a collection, so that in years to come, they might have an entire village hanging from their trees. Would you consider adding a church inspired from some of those lovely ancient places you and Andy showed me?


Annie Cholewa said...

I'm not the hugest fan of Molly Makes, but your hen and your cottages are absolutely delightful, I might even be persuaded to buy a copy of the mag!

Jess said...

Well done Gretel, they look absolutely gorgeous!
Thankyou for your comment on my newest painting, praise indeed from you.x ;)
Wishing you and Andy a wonderful and happy christmas in your new home.
Love Jess x