Ludlow snaps


A much needed mini-mini-break in Ludlow, arguably the food capital of the UK. We love Ludlow. We always buy a good wodge of local bacon and sausages from our favourite butcher. As always, it was rammed with customers; there is only a small shop space inside, so buying is a bit of a 'shouting your order over the tops of someone else's head' affair.


Ludlow is a pleasing architectural medley, not too regimented, not too eccentric. Everywhere there is something interesting or quaint to admire, Georgian and Mediaeval styles nestling happily with Victorian and Tudor.

And you can usually glimpse the generous green hills of the surrounding Shropshire countryside from some peep hole.

Tempting alleyways and narrow streets that follow the original  Mediaeval layout of the town.

It was pleasantly odd wandering around this time, realising that we only live on the other side of the county and this time would not be making the journey back to the Cotswolds. 


The basket weaver who always seems to be on the same market corner, no matter what day we visit.


The penny whistler who has been on this corner every time we've visited was also in his usual place. He's definitely improved over the last two years.


Buying some local cheese for a picnic later on.

And some naughty Chelsea buns for breakfast - as we are on holiday.

Eaten soon after, overlooking an appetising  view of lovely Ludlow.


Annie said...

Fab snaps Gretel. I lived in Ludlow for a year as a newly qualified nurse in the dim and distance past and have very happy memories of back then. :-)
A x

Elizabeth said...

So lovely to visit a town I haven't seen in more than 40 years.Thank you for the gorgeous photos.
I was at school in Malvern and really miss that part of the world.
Greetings from much too hot New York!

rossichka said...

I can feel the atmosphere of this town - cosy, calm and somehow friendly. To meet the same people at the same places where you have seen them last - isn't this exciting! I like especially the narrow streets looking to the green countryside...
I hope you and Andy are feeling better and better at your new place, Gretel! xx

Dartford Warbler said...

It is years since I visited Ludlow. Thank you for a walk around this lovely old town. That cheese stall looks very inviting!

Nancy said...

Ludlow is lovely. And I fell in love with Chelsea Buns when I was in England. Actually I really like all the pastries I ate there.

Sigh. I also love the bacon and cheese baps I had in London.

Frances said...

Gretel...can you believe that we are already in September? Shocking!

Ludlow is a place that I have never visited but have read about for years. I can see why you and Andy would like having it handy.

There is a street not far from where I work called Ludlow Street. A song writer/singer called Garland Jeffreys once wrote a song about it, called Ghost Writer. Do you know that tune?

It offers nothing as beautiful as the views in your post. Still your post brought it to my mind.


Soozcat said...

Chelsea buns look remarkably like what Americans call cinnamon rolls. Mmm.

What a lovely place! And glad to know you're now close enough to make a visit there relatively easily.

Jee said...

We love Ludlow too but we don't get there very often these days although it's not that far from here (Malvern). Nice to see it looking busy and reassuringly the same.

Dru Marland said...

I had a lovely stop at Ludlow on my moped tour of England back in my teens; bought Evelyn Waugh's 'Decline and Fall' in the bookshop, and slept under a hawthorn bush on a pile of bracken, on a hill looking across the river to the town below. What made the night especially memorable was the cockchafer beetles that fell out of the tree during the night and tried to take off, and got caught up in my bedding. Beetle armageddon it was in the morning.... still, happy days, eh?

...away on a train there. Thank you!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Now I know what is meant by the term The Malvern Hills. How amazing they are. good place to walk off all the cheese I know I'd eat! How could anyone resist?

janet gordon said...

How wonderful that now you will be taking us on magical ours of Shropshire - I'm really looking orward to all the things that will pique your interest! Thanks for the mini-tours!!

Claire said...

Lovely you could get away for a break Gretel.....great pics.
Every which way you turn there's different architecture
to be admired, what an interesting place.

It's great to see a basket weaver in business and keeping those skills alive.

Claire x

BumbleVee said...

so glad you are enjoying some sights and sounds of your new area.... and at least don't have to drive many miles to get home now...what a treat....

Jill said...

Not somewhere I know, so very interesting to share your visit.

Lin said...

Okay, so I'm wondering if EVERYWHERE you go is lovely?? Seriously. It's like a storybook with those photos!!!

Gees, I'm living in Ugly Town.

Lynn said...

What an unspoilt little town - lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hello, ....emh, I' m italian, my english is really scolastic, but I hope that you can understand me.
I have read many part of your blog, and I think that you are a really fun artist, very ironic, I love yours drawings and yours toys.
I live between Pompei and Ercolano, and I have recently bought a home on the mountain for make a b&b, and I restructuring this for artists.
I wish to you an happy week, kisses Elena

Angela Reeves said...

Your post made me smile from ear to ear because we live in Ludlow! There's nothing like a nice warm Chelsea bun from DeGreys on a chilly morning :-)