Old studio, new studio

The final moving day was just too traumatic for words - I'd been cleaning for days and still hadn't finished packing when a very hot and bothered Andy rolled up with a van which was too big to get up the lane. So we had to hump the last annoying odds and sods down to the main street, with an audience of various neighbours. It was humid, frenetic and exhausting. There were a few swear words uttered. We ended up leaving one or two things behind out of sheer frustration with it all. I said a last goodbye to the garden - the new tenants will find some healthy potato plants and Swiss chard.

Goodbye to my my old studio space - goodbye to the mouldy corner too!

Final packing - the cats.

Last one out, lock the door!


Goodbye to you at last, tiny little cottage - we had ten cramped but happy years in you, though Lord alone knows how we all managed. 

The hot weather finally broke as we left the village and the first rain for weeks started to fall - thank goodness the cab had excellent air conditioning. The cats howled all the way to Shropshire.

But they settled down later that evening, in their new quarters  - the kitchen, which is actually bigger than our old cottage drawing room

After all that, I only needed one thing, and could only find one thing to drink it out of.


Andy had already been here for some days on his own, and had unpacked what he thought were my most important studio things. My work desk, of course.


And some of my best treasures.


But there was still all this to deal with -


- which is now sorted. Most of my stuff is staying in boxes, as we hope to move into our own place before Christmas. (Famous last words?)

 That's better. Hello new, temporary studio.

And hello to having no proper garden - although I do have tomato plants, thanks to Andy's kind mum - whether they will come to anything in the wet, grey summer we are having, remains to be seen.

And - hello Shropshire! From here we can see Wales - there's nice.


Jane said...

How lovely that you have all that nice new space to work in. I wish you, Andy and the cats best wishes in your new(temporary) home.

The Pea Pod said...

Congratulations on the move, I hope you'll all be happy and snug in your new home xx

Mousy Brown said...

I can wave to you over the border now..I am only a mile from Shropshire on the Welsh side...I think maybe you better get used to the rain! Glad you are settled in for now, all that moving did look exhausting...the cats look so at home already! :D

elizabeth said...

So exhausting and stressful!
Do hope you settle comfortably fairly soon.
Shropshire is so very beautiful.

Jill said...

Lived every moment of your move with you - welcome to your new how even if only temporary.

rachel said...

Wonderful. Well done for doing it and surviving to tell the tale!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

The cats look quite comfy! have you any idea how absolutely wonderful that was of Andy to unpack some of your necessaries? Yes, of course you do, brought tears to my eyes.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I think the idea of a temporary home sounds like fun, it lets you off the hook for decorating and really digging in so you can keep lots boxed up. As long as the kitties are happy.
There really isn't a blessed thing as depleting as moving. I hope you enjoyed your beet juice~ *^)

Frances said...

Oh Gretel, it's great to see this additional relocation report.

That Andy is a true Star. Bravo! Take a bow!

Swearing on moving day is necessary, in my opinion, and some of the days immediately before and afterwards. After that, it's sort down to what the particular occasion requires.

Glad that the kitties have lots more room and that you'll have the option of freshly ripened tomatoes later this summer.

I know that you all will enjoy the additional space, and I'm looking forward to seeing more about the surrounding landscape. (not to rush you, of course. xo)

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Feet up, relax...you most definitely deserve it.
Love how you assured that the cats were all settled in...so wonderful.

Lin said...

Oh, the houses there are ADORABLE! What we have here in the States is boring in comparison--there is no character.

I'm sure it is nice to be settled--at least for a little while. I don't think I'd like to move it all again. :(

Nancy said...

Moving is so hard because you don't feel like yourself for a bit. And you have to do it ll over again soon. I'm glad the kitties are settling in. I've never moved our girls so have no idea how they will take it. You new home looks bright and cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Swearing is definitely allowed on moving day ..... especially when you can't find the wine glasses!! You must be delighted with the extra space, even if you don't have a proper garden for the moment.

ted and bunny said...

there's a nice indeed!

Natasha said...

Andy is such a sweetheart! I hope you (and the cats) settle in really quickly and here's to Christmas (hopefully the weather will be better by then!)

Acornmoon said...

I don't envy you that move, it must have been so stressful. I hope you are feeling more at home now in what looks like a lovely rural location.

We had a trip to Welsh Wales yesterday, the sun shone too!

Give my regards to Andy, I hope he is enjoying his new post. x

Sue said...

So glad you finally found something to have that refreshing drink of Ribena out of ;-)

Vintage Jane said...

We have our red stuff in tin mugs when we camp ... tastes just as good! Glad you're feeling more settled even if it is only temporary. M x

tut-tut said...

It's nice to repot yourself every now and again, though!

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Moving is truly vile. And there always seems to be a point when you feel completely overwhelmed, no matter how you try and pace yourself.
But once the benifits of the new house slowly reveal themselves moving seems worthwhile.
Hope you enjoy the extra space now until you move again.
The kitters seem happy though.

Soozcat said...

So glad you are well ensconced in your temporary digs. Even gladder that your moving trauma is done for now.

Jess said...

Your cats have made themselves at home! Thankyou for your help with my computer woes, hopefully my computer savvy(ish) brother will help me retrieve the hardrive. He said he might be able to anyway!:)
Jess xx

janet said...

So gld to see you re settling in and back in cyberspace again - I once moved 6 cats in one large chicken wire and 2x4's crate across 2500km of Canada and am glad I was much younger whewn I did it!!
Still loving and enjoying the sweet desk calender - what will you be doing next?
After settling in, of course?